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However long the night.... [entries|friends|calendar]

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HMMM [12 Jun 2005|05:54pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

I don't really know how to feel right now. But I'm emailing Rodriguez tomorrow and telling him about the "encounter"! Hopefully he'll email back, and then and then and then. Who knows??!! For some reason I'm really scared about the party tonight. I got the stuff, and the BBQ is all ready at "la casa", but I still feel terrified. Oh well, it should be tons of fun, who knows what I'm gonna end up saying or doing tonight, hopefully nothing stupid! I start work tomorrow!!! Well, not really, just getting trained, but I'm getting paid, so hey, i'm working 2morrow! So, I really like Rodriguez, and I got a job, and there's a kick ass party tonight...what more could I want??

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WHOA [11 Jun 2005|04:36pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Wow, it has been freakin forever since I updated. Well, the news is school ended this week! WOOHOO! And I start my job on Monday!! I've never had a "real" job before, so this should be interesting, but I'm always willing to learn new things, and rake in the extra $cash$! Tomorrow is Ashley's big party! I need to ask my brother if he got me the goods or not. I hope so. It's been so hot this week. I went to Meghan's twice and tanned with her and Ashley. Then yesterday Nicole came over to chill with us, we had a picnic, and it was fun cuz we swam in her mini pool too! I love Lifehouse. I miss Alex, I wish I could see him again. I'm going to Ohio next week, and would love to see him. But, I doubt it, I kinda want to see my grandparents more. I love them so much!!!! I think they're the cutest ppl ever. We're celebrating Father's Day today and me and my mom got my dad a phonograph player with a three disc cd changer. It took me forever to hook it up last night, but it was worth it, it looks awesome.

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fun.... [02 Jan 2005|06:59pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

So today was the last day of break, and all I did was bicker with my parents. Seriously, they don't want me going out, they don't want me to do anything! I need something to calm me down. Everything now is limited, but actually there is a life beyond my parents. I do so much stuff, that they would totally disapprove of. And every guy I've ever even hung out with they would probably want to interview first. I want a damn car, so that I can leave the house and go pick up people, and my parents won't know who the hell i'm with. They don't need to know everything dammit. I'm a teenage girl with a life that wants to be lived! I'm just gonna have to wait.

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Dive into 05! [01 Jan 2005|10:01pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

So I went to a party last night, I was so hyped up and ready to go. So my friends picked me up and we went, it was a lot of fun I think. Anyway, something happened...ARGGGGG U, and we had to leave early, so I went over to susan's house where my parents were and celebrated new years with them. But at the party we celebrated new years new york style. We watched mtv and waited for the ball to drop over there. so technically i did stay till new years day. It's raining, and I feel like going to bed. Tomorrow is the last day off before school starts. I am so pissed, cuz then we have spanish orals and on to of that stupid technique class, and I haven't practiced my etude at ALL! OK..this is funny...

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post.

"And that was terrible, he thought."

HAHA! that's just the weirdest thing ever. I'm reading a book called Maxwell Street by Ira Berkow. It's all about the history of Maxwell street! Isn't it ironic?!?! I watched Garden State tonight. WOW, incredible movie, very touching. A lot of parts were really sad and I felt like crying, it's like..how can one guy have so much bad luck? I would want to lock myself away if anything like that ever happened.

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I ain't no hick [28 Dec 2004|05:08pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

It has really been forever since I last wrote in here. I haven't been on the computer in FOREVER, it feels so good! Well, I think the funniest, and coolest thing I got for christmas has to be from Javy. He gave me the Unsolved Mysteries Ghosts edition DVD collection. 35 intense episodes of Unsolved Mysteries, all dealing with ghosts! WOOT! He's hilarious, I love the show, and I always talk about it, many thought I was psycho, but now he is just encouraging me. My grandparents came, I love them SO much! They're the most adorable things you've ever seen. But, they only stayed for 2 days, and left in the morning. My grandpa's sister was seriously ill and he wanted to find tickets to Puerto Rico as soon as possible to go be with her during her last hours. I think that's really cute. He grew up in a family with 13 kids, and when any one of them gets sick, he's the first one out there. My grandma grew up with 12 brothers and sisters. It's so amazing how women can do that. Sometimes I think to myself that I want a huge family. But then other times, I think I would just go crazy. So many diapers, meals to make, expenses to pay for. ARG, no..not for me. I love to go on vacations, and hauling around that many kids would be ridiculous. I finally got a call to work, but it's only for 2 frickin hours. I need the money dammit!!!!Give it to me! So girls night was cool last Wednesday. 10 unsupervised girls out to pizza and then piling up into 3 cars and going carting. Wow, that was incredible. So much laughter, and surprisingly, no talk about guys. Which is good for the time being. Sunday Boomer came over, we watched a bunch of Family Guy episodes. If ur ever bored out of your mind, just watch some of those, it's a realy ice breaker, and it's hilarious. I had Pictionary night of course. Sarah, Kyle, and Melissa came over and we played. Kyle is so funny when he draws his pictures! But, I don't wanna make fun of him...anymore. Yesterday, I saw the Phantom of the Opera in theaters! WOW! BEST MOVIE EVER! I saw it at the Cadillac Palace Theater earlier this year, and it was awesome there too. I got my dad the tickets for his birthday, I saved up a long time to buy them...$200 for the pair! ARG! But, it turned out to be awesome! And the movie was incredible too, I couldn't sleep last night, I kept singing the songs in my head. So many people in the theater looked bored, I saw some messin with their cell phones, and one lady even went to the bathroom about 5 times. But MEEEE...NOOO way, I couldn't miss a second of it! I would see it and go, WOW, I totally remember that from the play! Raoul was pretty hot too, must add that! Past, the point of no return....

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Tomorrow never dies [06 Dec 2004|06:12pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Wow, I actually didn't have much homework tonight. But one thing was for sure, the first day of school when Miss Newman said that yesterday was the last day we won't have homework in spanish. So far we've had homework every day, and the day before that rough draft carpeta was due, I was happy, cuz I did everything the night before. Newayz, I gotta go shopping today to get pants for the Prism concert. And it's weird to think that finals are next week. I am so unprepared. I think Wednesday is dress rehearsal, but then again I have no idea. I hate technique, it's stupid, and Mr.Liu is scary the way he looks at your fingers, then critisizes you and says ur not shifting when you actually did! ARG! Evil man. I made dinner tonight, it only took about 15 minutes, but my mom sure thought it was a good treat. I have absolutely no money, from having a job over the summer when I made $75 a day, to now...no job, and no money, is sad. So my mom said she would pay me extra money if I did more jobs. Of course she had to choose the worst jobs in the world for me to do. But really, I'm desperate! AND I WANT A CAR!!!!!

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how the west was fun [04 Dec 2004|06:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

Yesterday rocked man. I had a bunch of ppls over and we had Sinatra night! Woot! We played pictionary, talked A LOT, ordered a pizza, and of course listened to Sinatra! And things w/me and my best friend are good right now. I'm starting to think it wasn't her fault, but mine b/c I'm really stubborn. That doesn't forgive anything though, a mistake is a mistake. It's finally Saturday. It kinda came quick, but at the same time, I felt like this was a really busy busy week. Next year is senior year and I'm sure that will go quicker than anything else, so I should cherish this year as much as possible. I had a stupid history essay due on monday, I don't know what it's about, but I'm sure I can bs my way through it. Somehow I do that a lot but end up getting pretty good grades. I gotta chill w/my cousin...maybe I'll do somethin with her tomorrow. I dunno. "My hands they are my own..but they're not yours, they are my own."-Jewel...everytime my hands get cold, I start singin that song. It's crazay!

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heheehahahaha [28 Nov 2004|08:46pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

This weekend went by so fast! I'm so sad. Most of it, I spent it in incredible pain laying on the couch! At least everything is done with. My stitches are poking me, and it feels like there's a hunk of skin connected to it. It's nasty! I got in some really good sleep hours today. So hopefully this week, I'll be rejuvinated for the world of school. English quiz, math quiz, and history test, all that I have to make up. And that stupid spanish carpeta, I didn't understand anything u were spose to do. AND it only took 3 hours to finish all my spanish homework. I went to the mall today, just to browse for christmas gifts, I saw some stuff for me...very greedy me. And everytime I'd see something for somneone else, I'd say...Too expensive! I'm not workin anymore, so I'm cheap. And I need a job. This school week should go by pretty fast though. Now that I'm in no more activities, it should be quite pleasant to actually come home directly after school. Some friends came back from college this weekend, and wanted to kidnap me. They just say that, they wait outside my house, call and say "I'm gonna kidnap u". But come on....day of surgery and they want me to chill w/them?? I love them to death, but I didn't want anybody to see my ugly kelly osbourne face! I miss them so much, last year I saw them every day...this year I see them once every two months! My brother took a picture of me as Kelly O, damn those camera phones, u don't know when he's takin a pic or makin a phone call! ARG! It's okay, it's kind of a funny memory. I can't believe how happy I am, everything is great, I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY! I want to see my grandparents so bad! I have this feelin inside that just wants to give them a big hug! Soon...Christmas is coming! I got 2 new Sinatra Christmas CD's! I'm so psyched! And I have Elvis's christmas album, and a bunch of other random ones like Alan Jackson, Little Drummer Boy, Music to ur ears (classical w/nutcracker and messiah), and this opera one, which is totally cool, me and my dad were tryin to sing to it today. LOL!

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[27 Nov 2004|08:09pm]
[ mood | creative ]

The world is not mine. It came to me today that I, Laura, cannot rule the world. My attempt in doing so has only made me realize that. So my brother is friends with Vitor. We all met at the same time. I find it very awkward though. I don't know whether to be scared or not. They were supposed to chill today....luckily they didn't. I feel bad for him...I should have come to his rescue. But I'm a swelled chipmunk, nobody wants to hang out with me right now. Val came over for a while, but with vikidin I just slept and it got really boring. I felt that since she was at my house I had to entertain her. And plus I couldn't really talk either, every time I did drool just came out. It was nasty! Today I did 2 hours of math homework, and tomorrow I'm dedicating to spanish. I don't really understand what to do, so Mads...some help here! The One with Jet Li was pretty good, I didn't understand much until the end, I hate it when they do that, you wanna know in the beginning dammit! And Whitney said she'd get her boyfriend to key taylor's car! WOOT! She said he gets a rush out of doing that stuff. so now we're gonna go stalk him and make him feel weird, he's probably gonna get us kicked out of the store he works at, but I don't care. I just wanna get him back. Revenge is awesome...but so wrong. I really need to go to church tomorrow!

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[26 Nov 2004|06:21pm]
Same old day. Another day of sleep, and band practice. Dave decided not to leave....so I thought my head was gonna blow with those drums. Nothing really to say today. I love the snow, it is so pretty outside! I wish it would stay like this. I heard some rain earlier, and that upset me deeply. I don't want the snow to go. NO! Well I think Vítor is comin over tomorrow, that'll be fun for him to see how swelled I am from the surgery, and I got some flowers at the door yesterday from with a card with no name....I'm gonna go watch that Jet Li movie called The One.
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[24 Nov 2004|11:21am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Surgery went great! I feel okay, well it is only the day after surgery. After they doped me out then tried to get me awake after it, it couldn't even walk, I don't really remember ever getting home. I guess my daddy had to hold on to me the whole way cuz he thought I was gonna fall over. And then he took care of me all day yesterday. Today it's my mom's turn. I'm on vikatin...I think that's how you spell it. But that's for the pain, really I think it's just a sleeping pill and they call it a pain killer. I have to take it every 4 hours, so basically, I'm always sleeping. My brother's band is coming over today. Normally I would be really happy so I could see the hot singer, but not after I've just had surgery and am feeling incredible pain. Not to mention having the music be so loud that the whole damn house shakes. He feels no sympathy. I'm feeling really sleepy again. Maybe I can sleep through band practice....

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OK already [21 Nov 2004|06:44pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Today was better. Last night went perfect. Me and Vítor hung out, I loved it, we watched Terminator 3 together, for some reason at a part that wasn't scary at all, he put his arm around me, I guess I looked scared. I wasn't scared, but hey...it worked! Things with me and my best friend are really bad right now. I love her to death, but we haven't been too close lately. But, I don't think about that on the weekends, my weekends are to chill and have fun...forget about school and that damn club Best Buddies. Last night was the first time I finally could talk to someone in person about how I was feelin. And really, it's gonna be better. I emailed the head of Best Buddies at WVHS, told her how I felt, but didnt' name any names. And now....I feel really good. I can do what I want now. She was too controlling too. She always wanted to know what was goin on in my life. She even said if I had any questions about sex, to talk to her. That just made me feel a little unconfortable. I have a feelin I'm gonna be seen a lot more of Vítor, and the best part is my parents approve of him. Woot! For all of y'all who have helped me...aka..mads...thanks for the porn suggestion..LOL! You've helped a lot, and I can finally go on with things. Another chapter in Laura's life is completed. And tomorrow, a new one begins, I wonder what it will be like.

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Please, just help [20 Nov 2004|02:11pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I feel like everything is going down the drain. The only thing keeping me going this week was the fact that today is Thanksgiving for me. I'm having surgery on tuesday, so there goes my real thanksgiving. I really don't know what to do with myself anymore. There are so many rumors, damned rumors, and I already quit being an officer in best buddies. But the lady whose in charge says she really doesn't want me to. I don't really care anymore. It's only gotten worse, and then he started some shit than he was gonna call the police on me, cuz somebody told him I was gonna egg his house. Who would do that? So, now, I'm going in on monday to hand in my total resignation. I'm out of best buddies and special olympics for good. I feel so stressed. And not to make things better is the fact that I'm on some medicine that may cause depression, and it also says, "May cause suicidal thoughts, may also lead to suicide, may also lead to death." haha, that's kinda funny though, who would ever take it then. Well, I am, I guess it's not funny anymore. I love life, outside of school that is. I can't wait to get off to college and go to Iowa away from all the madness and chaos that lurks around every corner here, ready to attack me. Thanksgiving today, is gonna be great, I'm havin my cousin over and this really hot guy I know from church and his family. I told my cousin she can hang out with his sister cuz I'm gonna be too busy with him. She didn't find it funny, cuz she said she's gonna want some of what I'm gettin! Well, anywayz, they're gonna be here soon.

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game [07 Nov 2004|03:05pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

Yesterday I finally watched The Day After Tomorrow. Pretty good movie, I've had a cold this weekend...it sucked, i was supposed to chill with Millie but never did. We will hang out this long weekend....I'm sure. Today I went to the special olympic basketball tournament, well not really the big tournament yet, just the pre tournament, if that makes sense. So my big plan failed, I didn't get to the stupid backstabber, but I did see him today, me and my friends kept pointing in his direction and whispering bad things about him, it made me feel like a child, a good happy child. I will do it tomorrow though, if not, give him the cold shoulder, and hopefully never talk to him again.
J.J. told me just to egg his car, I really want to, cuz after the basketball game today, I went outside to find glass broken under my car, what the hell is that about? I know it wasn't there when I got there, I won't park in a space like that.......so where else did it come from??? of course, the devil himself. I'm gonna go kill that devil on my voodoo doll right now. MUAAHAHAHAHHA

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Yay! Bush is president! [04 Nov 2004|08:35pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

This morning I woke up so happy, finally, the man I've been rootin for is president. For those of you who know me very well, I'm a bush fanatic. I was a little obsessed for a while. So unfortunately I didnt have time to watch the o.c. tonight, but I taped it, that show is way too good to miss. And today sucked anyway, so many problems, and someone who I thought was my friend ended up turning his back on me, and telling a lie to these two girls, then they cornered me, interrogating me about something stupid that he started in the first place, I seriously thought they were gonna beat me up, but thanks to Chris, I know self defense, so mess with me and u'll soon be raw meat. So tomorrow I'm gonna confront him, I really wanna say, I'm gonna kick ur ass, ur such a dick for even starting any of these rumors, you betta run boy, cuz I'm goin on a little huntin trip.........BUT, in real life, I know if I said that, it's harassing him and threatening him...so I'll stick to the little speech I've been workin on, maybe that will get to him. On the plus side, I've gotten about 10 ppl against him. I would like to go dream happy dirty dreams now...tata

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Your face is funny lookin [21 Oct 2004|06:04pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Today was the funniest day this week! I totally got a kick out of it, that's great considering I've had the most fucked up week ever. It was okay this mornin, nothing too interesting happened except for that fight, I kept hearing everyone go OOOOOO, and I just thought my hearing was goin again, it's known to do that. And then in gym I told my Mikey that I was grumpy cuz I didn't have my coffee this morning. Which really is true, it's essential in my life. But after school I was headin out for the bus as usual, when I stopped off at my locker, which I share with eva, and she asked if I wanted a ride home. I said OF COURSE, I'm gonna pass up the bus for a ride home, it's just a given. And she gets to park in the senior lot too, we were packin our stuff up in her truck, and my friend comes by and asks if he can get a ride to the junior lot. Eva said sure, I dont' really know why she said that, but she did. And then he had to lay down in the trunk so no one would see him, it's kinda illegal if your in the back of a moving truck. And we started goin, next thing you know we take that turn going left towards the church, and we went into the right lane when we should have been in the left, so I screamed, LEFT! and she turned really sharp, I could hear him movin around in the trunk! So then we finally get to the church and he sits up! he is so stupid, he should stay layin down, but NNOOOOO. So then all these other dudes are harassin him tellin him to sit the fuck back down, he didn't listen and I was gettin pissed, I really didn't want all the attention on the truck with us. So eva slams on the brakes really hard, there was a dude in front of us, but my friend then hit forward really hard and his face hit the glass that seperates the trunk from the front, and you could see his face smashed up in front of it was spit droolin outta his mouth! You wouldn't believe how hard I laughed, I understand some people will think that's just plain evil, but it's not, my friend was actin like a jerk yesterday and he pissed me off really bad. So in a sense he deserved it. But that really made my day.

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coma coma coma coma chameleon [17 Oct 2004|10:52am]
[ mood | recumbent ]

Yesterday was awesome, I had so much fun! Millie came over and we worked on our costumes for 3 hours! We're really progressing, it looks really cool! And then at 4 Julia came over, we hurried up got the costumes done as much as we could, then we hung out and chilled. My mom made us burgers for dinner and we all had that, and while we were in the basement we found Dave's shorts...it was so weird, they were drenched in sweat....and we looked for condoms in his pockets, there were none, I don't know if that's good or bad. He leaves his shirts at my house all the time, I was just surprised to see shorts. We baked some cookies, then watched Signs. I like that movie, but after 4 times, it kinda gets old. Next up...Walking Tall w/that hottie The Rock! WHOO HOO! And then about 8 rounds of Harry Potter Uno! I think Millie is comin over again today, we still gotta finish up these costumes. And right now Augmentum is practicing......they rock my world man. I LUV THEM! Gawd, I miss Angie so much, and seeing Mike everyday doesn't help at all.

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La Creme, the creamiest creme [14 Oct 2004|05:58pm]
[ mood | drained ]

SO much to do. And actually I totally should be doing my homework right now or practicing my viola. I have technique tomorrow, and for some reason this year is a ton harder than last year. Chamber wasn't hard, he just expected too much outta me. Yesterday me and Val went to the riverwalk, it was pretty cool, I kept slurring my words, I don't even know what I was trying to say, it just came out really weird. I tried to say camara and I said pancam! HA! She is never going to let me down on that one. Tomorrow after school..........I plan to sleep. I need to catch up on some sleep really, school is too time consuming. If you think about it, it's school, plus homework, plus activities....then if you play an instrument...practice time! We have no lives, being a student is a full time occupation. I need a casper in my life. SO BAD! I made dinner tonight, and guess what...my family is still alive! kudos for me, I am now somebody who can cook outta a box! I taped Everwood on Monday, and I still haven't watched it yet, I really gotta, and I taped One Tree Hill, still haven't watched that one either. The life I live. And my plans for moving to Ohio for the summer aren't lookin too hot right now. I'll be takin government, and I'm probably gonna have to get a job. And I'll be in New Mexico for two weeks, which I'm totally psyched about! I love New Mexico, and saurkraut.......whoa, weird al just randomly pops into my head! What is that I hear, homework...you want me to finish you??? OK FINE

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Your face is plaster [12 Oct 2004|06:07pm]
[ mood | curious ]

So the world really isn't ending, that's what I found out today. While everybody says....damn this life, it sucks....I have found that they are the ones who bring me down. NEVER! Laura's new goal is to think positive. I know I will still have negative thoughts, but if you catch me sayin them, tell me..."NO, the world is alive with the power and justice created by man!" easy as that. I went to go see Mrs. Pakkebier today, that was awesome. We talked for about half an hour, she said she got my letter, the one I sent to her from my computer apps II class. It was for teacher appreciation. So of course I brought up the incident when she was tuning jesse's violin and the string popped and a chunk went inside her neck and she had to go to the hospital to get it out! HILARIOUS! she said that she tells that story to every new sixth grade class now, and its cool cuz i was actually there when it happened! So me and Jessi went there, then had to leave around 4 cuz I had to cook dinner. And when we were leaving I saw Milfred there waiting to pick up her sister...I call her my little mom! She takes on the duties a mother should...like telling me when to take my vitamins and when I'm sick and should rest. thanx ma! Dinner waz good, Laura didn't poison anybody with her food. Notice how i'm talking in third position, seriously I don't know why, Laura is a little loca today. I gave Mike the augmentum cd today, I wonder if he'll go to the concerts with me. None of my friends like death metal, and if they say they do, I think they're lying. It's not scary, it's energetic.

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They day has not yet spoken [11 Oct 2004|04:14pm]
[ mood | cheerful...thanx to ang&mike ]

Yesterday was the best day of this LONG weekend. Angie came back to visit! I was so psyched. I went out with ma dad drivin and we were far far away, I didn't know where we were, we were just out. And I come home and my ma said there was a note for me on the kitchen table. It said sorry I missed ya she's here visiting and she's leaving around 9:30. Love Angie, and her cell number. So of course I pick up that phone and give her a call right away! But then when I called her phone was dyin out, and I couldn't here anything, except UH OH UH OH. NOOO! So I was all sad for a long time. But then a half hour after that the door bell rings and it's my angie! And she brought mike with too, which was not a problem at all, he's a really cool guy. We talked for a while, and then my mom made us cookies, had some coffee then went to the basement where Angie played for me her wonderful viola skills, once a viola player always a viola player. VIOLA POWER! And mike and I played some ping pong and listened to therion. AND on the plus side, mike is also an augmentum fan! woohoo! I guess he knew Dan from back in his applied tech days. Needless to say, that was the biggest surprise YET! That really put me in a better mood right now just writin about her.......good job ang, workin ur miracles even tho u ain't here!

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